Nutrition Programs

Pre And Post Natal Nutrition

Pre And Post Natal Nutrition

From basic fitness, dealing with mood swings and eating right things to overall nutritional chart, everything will be covered at Diet India. All your questions will be addressed as you join this nutrition course during pregnancy. The post-natal nutrition will also be addressed during the course.

Sports Nutrition

Keeping in mind the athletic built of an individual, our team prepares sports nutrition. The entire diet chart depends on the sports regimen of the person and trainings undertaken by him/her. Customized and well-designed nutritional plans are prepared at Diet India to complement sports-oriented personality of clients. All the factors are kept in mind before recommending sports nutrition chart.

Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is one of the forms of food hypersensitivity. It is not similar to food allergy, but, knowing its impact seems to be phenomenal. Hence, as a part of this program, people can get acquainted with the facts related to food intolerance. We have compiled the valuable aspects related to symptoms, types of food intolerance to nutritional chart according to the individuals.

Weight Management

The ideal weight according to height, diet and other details are included in this program. We ensure the amount of protein and other nutrition-based guidance to individuals in understanding the concept of weight management. Learn how to manage weight through balance diet as a part of this course.